17 Lazy-Girl Beauty Hacks You Need To Know About!


Ladies, you know how it goes: it’s ¬†6.30 a.m., you’re snoozing your alarm clock for the 5th time and simultaneously thinking about that first sip of coffee. Chances are, you left very little time for your pre-work or school beauty routine, so you resort to an express make-over as you try to grab a bite to eat and match a shirt to a pair of pants. Good news – we’re here to help.¬†Here are 17 lazy-girl beauty hacks so easy that you’ll look like you spent hours primping in the morning.

Done With Clumps


Mascara has quite an annoying consistency, and can easily become flaky and clumpy. Make it last longer but putting in a little contact solution into the container.

Just don’t forget – if you’ve had it for longer than three months, toss the mascara anyway! We don’t want you getting an eye infection.