14 Victoria’s Secret Angels To Envy On Instagram


A wise man once said, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”. We’re not sure he was talking about Victoria’s Secret models on Instagram, but we can pretend. Sure, we might not be able to have the glamour, jet-setting lifestyles, clothes, and of course bangin’ bodies of VS’s finest, but we can sure live vicariously through them stalking their every insane Instagram photo. These Angels fell from the sky and landed on social media. Here are 14 Victorias’s Secret Angels you need to be following. IfĀ you thought you already felt bad for eating that extra Oreo…just wait.

Martha Hunt

After walking in VS’s past two runway shows, the amazing Hunt officially became an Angel this year. Hunt loves to keep fans involved in her life of wings and runways through her active Instagram account.

You can catch the beautifulĀ Free PeopleĀ spokeswoman @marhunt.