Presidential Debate: Moments Candidates Wish They Could Take Back


The most anticipated presidential debate to date with an estimated 100 million viewers took place in Hempstead, New York; where candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton went head-to-head with how they plan to be the best President of the United States. Here are a few moments that they probably wish they could take back.

And So It Began

It didn’t take long for Senator Clinton to start rolling her eyes to Donald Trump. In fact, she started with the faces during the first five minutes of the debate. Not really too professional, but everyone was expecting an explosive debate, so predictable.

Candidates Eye-Roll

Senator Clinton?

Donald Trump asked Hillary Clinton before getting things completely under way if he should call her Senator Clinton. He stated”…I want to make sure you are happy.” Those feelings didn’t last too long for either candidate.

Candidates Polite

Throwing The First Punch

Like in any presidential debate, it didn’t take long for the pointing of fingers and name calling to start. They both promised a respectable debate, but it was Hillary who started by insulting Trump with her nickname for his political plan, “Trumped up, trickled down.”

Candidates First Swing

Firing Back

Of course Trump wasn’t going to stand back and take anything from Mrs. Clinton. Now that they gloves were off, he asked, “Why didn’t you do anything for the past 30 years?” She probably didn’t think that one day she would be running for POTUS!


The Truth Hurts

Once pretty good friends, Trump stated his feelings about the NAFTA policy that Bill Clinton passed while in office. He wasn’t shy about how much he hated the plan. Then, Hillary actually said that she didn’t want it either. She’s going to have some explaining to do when she gets home!

Candidates Trump and Clintons

Let’s Talk Taxes

The conversation at one point turned to tax plans. Trump suggested that he would put into effect the biggest tax cut since Reagan. While it sounds good, he implied that it was going to be for big businesses so that they can help the little guy. We can’t imagine too many middle and lower class citizens are going to be very impressed with that idea.

Candidates Tax

She Went The Opposite Way

Clinton is proposing a tax increase in order to help boost the economy. Trump pointed out that it would only push businesses away and cost people their jobs. Finding the right answer in this category isn’t going to be easy.

Candidates Tax

Is This A Book Club?

At one time, Hillary started talking about one of the books she wrote while discussing an issue. It almost sounded like she was plugging it for sales. Not really the time or the place, Senator.

Candidates Book