Presidential Debate: Moments Candidates Wish They Could Take Back


Fighting ISIS

One mention that got the crowd worked up, and even a mention to stay quiet from the moderator, is when Trump said that Hillary had been “Fighting ISIS her whole adult life.” She’s probably sitting back wondering if he has a point.

Candidates ISIS Fight

Political Hacks

Throughout much of his speech, Trump kept referring to political hacks being the main reason behind the problems in the country. He even at one time said, “Politicians…all talk and no action.” Now, many of the US’s citizen’s probably agree with him, but he can’t be winning too many votes with the political figures that he is speaking of.

Candidates Politicians

Secret Tax Documents

Donald has been asked to release his tax returns much like most of the presidential candidates of the past have done. He says that he will when the audit is complete, but there’s nothing set in stone. He might regret making that statement down the road.

Candidates Business

What Emails?

Of course, the debate couldn’t go on without a mention of Hillary’s 33,000 emails that got accidentally deleted. She gave a short response saying sorry and that if she could do it again she would do it differently. For a career politician, viewers were expecting to hear a more detailed explanation about the situation and she has the capacity to discuss it.┬áIt was obvious she didn’t want attention on the subject.

Candidates Emails

Paying Up

Senator Clinton accused Trump of not paying his workers for the jobs they completed. He didn’t deny the fact, but said maybe they didn’t fulfill his satisfactions.

Candidates Bankruptcy


Several times Clinton laughed out loud in a forceable way at some of the things that Trump was saying. Even if she did find it humorous, it wasn’t one of her finest points.

Candidates Laughing

Oh, That Face!

Trump is recognized and often poked fun at for some of his facial expressions. They were in no short supply during this debate. He is someone that definitely says what he thinks without saying anything at all.

Candidates Expressions

Round One!

Most of the debate went fairly smoothly, until the last 15 or so minutes when the name-calling commenced. Trump reminded America that he doesn’t think that Hillary has the stamina to be President. Even though thinks got tense at, it was a fairly calm discussion overall.

Candidates Trump and Hilary

Hitting The Road

Donald was sure to point out that while he was out hitting the pavement, Hillary was at home. She admits to preparing for the debate, but how ready was she? You could clearly tell that she was reading her responses from notes on her podium.

Candidates Traveling

The Nasty Commercials

Those nasty commercials that Clinton has put out might come back to bite her. The Donald was sure to point out that she had a bunch on him but he hadn’t wasted any money on making fun at her. Who’s the bully here?

Candidates Commercials

Stop and Frisk

Fact finders will be having a hay day with the stop and frisk discussion. Trump claims that the stop and frisk method worked in a great way to help in reducing crime. Clinton claims that it didn’t work at all, and it was only racial profiling that came out of it. Whoever can prove their right with facts is going to win this one. Too bad for the other one.

Candidates Stop and Frisk


One noticeable point during the debates is how Trump refers to his plans as what is going to happen while Hillary says a lot of ifs. That lack of confidence in speaking may cost her a few votes.

Candidates Cover

Somewhat Childish

Several times while Senator Clinton was talking, Trump would yell into his mic, “Wrong,” “Not true,”, “No,” and other remarks of that nature. It made him look unprofessional but it was way toned down compared to what some people were expecting from him.

Candidates Shouting

Staying On Track

No surprise here, neither candidate could stay on track with the time limit. It is common in these kinds of settings, but it makes you wonder if they can’t even manage two minutes what are they going to do with four years?

Candidates Timer

The Birth Certificate

Trump was part of a group that worked diligently to get Barack Obama to produce his birth certificate so that it could be proven he was a resident of the United States. Because he fought so hard for it, it is something that will haunt him for the rest of his life. Trump has admitted he was wrong and probably wishes he would have gave up the battle long ago.

Candidates Certificate

Talking Business

This is really a point that could go either way. Trump talked a lot about how successful his business is. Now, that is good for him on a personal level, but it may seem to some that he is trying to come off as high and mighty. Others also feel that the country isn’t a business and you can’t run it like one.

Candidates Money

Poor Lester

The biggest regret of the night probably comes from moderator Lester Holt. He is the one that had to try and keep these two on track and complete everything within their given time frame. You could almost hear the sigh of relief coming from him when the debate wrapped up. You sir, have earned some relaxation time!

Candidates Holt