15 Of The Wealthiest Women You Haven’t Heard Of


Some heiresses and self made women don’t fly under the radar. We all know who the Kardashians are. We know who Oprah is, and we’ve not only heard of Sheryl Sandberg, but we’ve read her book cover to cover. There are many females just as successful as the aforementioned women, we just haven’t necessarily heard of them. Check out the 15 of the wealthiest women you haven’t heard of.

Allison Sarofim

rich women-Allison-Sarofim

She’s worth 1.19 billion dollars, making her one of the wealthiest women on the planet, but we didn’t even recognize her name at first. She’s the daughter of an Egyptian-born Texas investor, but she herself is much more than a socialite.

She’s a classically trained chef, an actress, producer, and the founder of Sixty-Six Productions, an independent film production company. We wouldn’t know personally, but it’s said her Halloween party is the invite of the season.