18 Powerful And Perspective Altering Photos


It can often be very easy to become overwhelmed by our problems and see ourselves as having the worst possible time. The depth of human depression and emotion means that, while it may not be true, we will all one day feel like the saddest human being to exist. Sometimes though, it’s good to take a step back and look at what’s really going on around the world, and how life could be much worse. Read on for 18 powerful and perspective altering photos.

Tears From Syria to London


This image of this crying girl has gone viral thanks to a charity’s video, which transposed the effects of the Syrian civil war onto a young girl from London.

The video starts happy, but ends on a much more sinister note. She’s first shown smiling and playing with her toys, and then the footage cuts to short news clippings and the sound of violence and gun fire.