Unemployed? 8 Facts You Should Know Before Voting For Hillary Clinton


If you’re currently unemployed or even working a minimum wage job, there are certain things you need to consider before casting your ballot in the upcoming presidential elections. The different candidates provide a variety of opinions on unemployment and minimum wage policies that span across the board. If you’re considering voting for Hillary Clinton, you may want to take some time to peruse these facts.

Youth Unemployment Plan

hillary clinton unemployment plan

Possibly aiming to acquire more of the millennial vote, Clinton laid out a plan for youth unemployment. This involves monetarily encouraging businesses to hire more apprentices by offering tax credits. The initiative would provide on-the-job training for the younger generation who are just starting out in the workplace.

In May of 2015, unemployment for the 18-34 age group was over 2% higher than the overall unemployment rate, making youth unemployment an issue that needs to be addressed.