You Won’t Believe What This Fraternity Did For A Cancer Patient


A fraternity at UCLA has stepped in to help lift the spirits of Lexi Brown, a twelve-year-old who was admitted to the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA in California for a cancer relapse. Brown and her mother put a sign in their window asking that someone deliver a pizza to their home in an effort to cheer Lexi up. The brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon —who live across the street from Lexi’s hospital window— saw the sign, but decided one pizza delivery just wasn’t enough. Five members of SAE visited Brown in the hospital with a dozen roses, plus a serenade of Sam Smith’s “Latch.”

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Lexi’s mother, Lisa Brown, said that the boys introduced themselves once they got to the hospital and said that they saw her sign. They stayed for half an hour, singing and spending time with Lexi and her parents. Their generosity didn’t end with a hospital visit and some tunes though. Later on, SAE arranged their holiday lights to spell out Lexi’s name, along with a heart, as a message to the brave girl battling cancer.


Fraternity members visited Lexi until she was released from the hospital. SAE chapter president Kevin Autran, said members were glad to visit her and give back to the community. “When the brothers got back from visiting Lexi, you could see that they were all glowing, knowing that they had done something good for the community,” he told NBC.

Lexi is back home in Santa Barbara now, but the members haven’t forgotten about her. SAE chapters from around the country have set up a fund to help Lexi and her family pay for the hospital bills.