Music Is Once Again Made For This War Veteran


Just like baker loves to bake decadent sweets, and a dancer loves to move across the stage in graceful twirls, a musician loves to make sweet music. Unfortunately for 95-year-old Jazz musician Edward Hardy, his music stopped when he was admitted to a care facility for the elderly. After being diagnosed with dementia, Hardy —a WWI veteran— was forced to leave his wife of 75 years, his home and his music. Hardy had been playing in a quartet for nearly 40 years, when he suddenly found himself in a care facility without any band mates.


Depressed, Hardy spoke to one of the aids at his care facility about his urge to play music again. Employees at the care facility, quickly came to Hardy’s assistance and helped him setup an advert on Gumtree requesting fellow musicians to come play music together.


To everyone’s surprise, volunteers from across England started pouring in with offers to make music, or “jam” with the talented pianist. The advert even found its way to Hardy’s former band mates with whom Hardy first played upon his return from Japan during WWI.

Snip20151220_28Hardy told that, “It is amazing so many volunteers have come forward to help me make music and it is marvellous that I have also been reunited with my old band.” The talented musician has already played with a saxophonist and double bassist, who both claimed that despite Hardy’s diagnosis, the pianist has not forgotten his passion  “Ed really inspires me with how he has remembered to play music and play it so well and it’s like everything comes back to him when he’s on the piano. It’s truly amazing to see the response.” Saxophonist Jezz Jackson told

After playing, Hardy added, “I have missed playing and when I do play now it makes me feel better and young again.” Keep making music Ed, you inspire us all!