21 Celebrity Affairs That Ended In Wedding Bells!


We’re always told that infidelity is a bad thing. A chorus of “he’ll never leave her for you”, is swiftly followed by “we told you so”, when it goes wrong again, but sometimes, just sometimes, infidelity isn’t always just a marriage-breaker. Just check out these 21 celebrity affairs that ended in wedding bells… If only for a while.

History Repeats

celebrity affairs claire danes

Billy Crudup had been with Mary-Louise Parker and not only lived with her, but had also gotten her pregnant when he left her for Claire Danes, the actress he met on the set of “Stage Beauty” back in 2004 – 2005.

Their affair may have worked, but only for a couple of years when history repeated itself once again and she left him for Hugh Dancy, another actor she met on set. In 2009 they got married in a secret ceremony and have gone on to have one child together.